Graphic Design & Branding

Your brand is you, abridged to an image, a slogan, a word. The goal with branding is not only to be seen as better than the competition, it’s to appear as the ultimate provider to services required by your client.  JorionNG has a result driven approach which consists of a complete phase of analysis and research (of your business, objectives, products or services, potential clients etc.) and strategically positioning your band for profitability to name a few.

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Web Development

We create result oriented websites that grow businesses online to their full potentials through up to date web technologies and effective designs. Our work stand’s out because before anything else, we achieve a deep understanding of the client’s business and objective.

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IT Consulting

Like most of our customers, IT is probably not your core business but you’re aware of how valuable IT can be to your organization and eager to take your business to the next level. JorionNG is the solution, be it to help with a special project involving your IT assets and/or consulting, we are eager to assist you. We feature a team of experts that provide advisory and managerial services that will meet any of your short or long-term IT objectives.

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Animation & Motion graphics

Looking to take your brand to the next level? We take graphic design to the next level using motion (Intro/Animated Logos, Promotional Videos, 3d animation, Video Editing and more). Motion Graphics transforms your static message into movement and motion that connects with an audience on an entirely different level.


Anyone can pick up a camera and shoot, but to be able to create content that meets a defined objective requires experience. JorionNG features a team of cinematographers who are highly skilled at designing and developing content that captivates and engages viewers. As storytellers, we care deeply about what we do and the people we work with.

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Our photography team boasts a World class media group dedicated to providing events or businesses with high end professional photography, cinematic and visuals anywhere in Nigeria

Software Development

JorionNG is strategically positioned, with our pool of skilled engineers to design, implement, manage and support your business with the following: Mobile Application Development, Web Portal Solutions, Website Development, Web Application Development, Desktop Applications and Enterprise Applications.

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Sales & Repair of Computers

In the market for a new PC or a bulk order of PCs? We offer the best prices and quality in the market; we also help you select a P.C with perfect specifications for your personal or business needs at great prices. We deliver anywhere in Nigeria. We also repair PCs with on-site or pick-up and delivery services.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing requires unique skill-set, hands-on experience and expertise. Lots of brands who have an online presence remain uncompetitive because they’re unable to unlock its full potential. Developing a website that nobody knows about is unproductive. This is where JorionNG comes in; we set up systems that put you and your website in front of potential customers.

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At JorionNG we are always aspiring to do more, we do not limit ourselves. We weren’t always a team and some members of our team have acquired skill set for a living before the team came along. These are top notch works up to the Jorion standard, so it’s only right we make them available to our customers.


We create adverts that communicate your business effectively to your consumers and also go the extra mile by researching and exploring the best platform to deploy your ads. Platforms include:

  • Radio & Sound Design
  • Television
  • Billboards and signage
  • OOH & DOOH: Out of Home and Digital Out of Home media has grown tremendously as people now spend less time in their home and more time in shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants and parks. We explore OOH & DOOH to its full potential as it is growing in importance over traditional forms of media like TV, radio and newspapers due to creativity and introduction of digital billboards, thus offering the best cost per thousand, highest reach and frequency as well as long term exposure to target consumers 24/7.

Art works, be it cards or portraits have become a tradition when giving gift to someone special, important or even just to reward oneself. We feature artists with top notch creativity evident in their works. Beautiful artworks including portraits, handmade cards, ink painting (cards and portraits) which comes in different sizes/dimension can be viewed by clicking gallery below.